Voices From The Ground: Emmeric Ong

Emmeric (right) speaks with team-mate Shaiful Esah during a recent Warriors league match.

Chris Peng
The Unofficial S.League Podcast

Voices From The Ground: Our writer had a brief chat with Warriors FC's Emmeric Ong, after he made his debut in the recent international friendly against Hong Kong.

Chris (C): How did you feel about the game?

Emmeric Ong (E): We did well. We dominated the bulk of the game and should have won.

C: Congratulations for making your debut for Singapore. Did the game go the way you’d expect it to, or was it a surprise? For example, how did you find the standard of the opponents and their playing style?

E: We expected a physical encounter and it went as expected. I feel that we controlled most parts of the game.

C: Was the red card worth it?

E: (Shrugs) Well I made a bad pass. If I didn’t go for the tackle, he would have been one on one against Hassan (Sunny), so I had to go for it.

C: Are you hoping for a long career with the National team?

E: I am hoping to be a mainstay in the team. I will do my best.