New Sponsor, Logo For NFL This Season

Aaron Chan
Writer / Editor
The Unofficial S.League Podcast

The Football Association of Singapore announced this afternoon that Ajinomoto (S) Pte Ltd had signed a one-year sponsorship deal for the National Football League, better known to most as the NFL.

The Japanese food and chemical corporation will be sponsoring their line of aminoVITAL products and conducting sport nutrition workshops for all NFL clubs on top of a cash sponsorship.

The NFL season launch also saw the FA unveil the new NFL Logo, which features a footballer in mid-strike to communicate the bold and active spirit of the NFL teams in both divisions. The colours blue and red were chosen with the former representing strength and passion and the latter symbolising stability and honesty, according to the press kit that was handed out to journalists as the press conference.

To commemorate the occasion, Managing Director of Ajinomoto (S) Pte Ltd, Keita Ishii, and Director / Co-Founder of Samurai Pte Ltd, Taiichiro Saito were present to address the press. "This is a special day for the NFL clubs as we celebrate the launch of the 2017 season. The NFL is, and has always been, an important part of the football ecosystem in Singapore. It is our belief that by building a strong base with the NFL, we will be able to ensure a stronger football landscape in Singapore." said Ishii.

As previously announced by FAS, the NFL will have two divisions this year. This will come as good news to the teams plying their trade in the lower divisions as the restructuring of the league would provide more playing opportunities for footballers.

We also understand that the prize money had been increased by 50% to motivate the clubs to do better on the field. This means that the 2017 NFL Division 1 champions would stand to win S$15,000 as compared to the S$10,000 won by Eunos Crescent Football Club last season.

Last but not least, the group insurance plan to provide coverage for all NFL players, coupled with a financial subsidy for all NFL clubs who fulfil a set criterion would be a shot in the arm for a league which seems to have been neglected for a large part of the last decade.

The new NFL logo unveiled by FAS this afternoon.

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