Podcast Episode 8

James (top row, second from right) with his community grassroots friends. The 'Kambing Power' scarf is a throwback to his days as a Woodlands Wellington Supporter. The club has sat out of the S.League since 2015 in view of a merger with Hougang United but the merger never happened.
Photo: James Lim

Our latest podcast features die-hard Woodlands Wellington FC fan James Lim, who will be contesting the upcoming FAS elections as an independent candidate for one of the six individual council member positions. Independent candidates need to be endorsed by at least one FAS affiliate and Lim was supported by National Football League (NFL) Division One team GFA Sporting Westlake club secretary Zairi Ahmari's endorsement.

Some of you may know James as a prominent member of the 'Save Woodlands' campaign. The former People Association’s (PA) deputy director was part of a group which included ex-Woodlands Wellington team manager R Vengadasalam, who opposed the merger and their campaigning seemed to have paid off when the merger did not materialise. 

A grassroots activist and youth football coach, James talks to us about his thoughts on how to improve Singapore Football holistically and what he feels could drum up more interest in the league.

You may listen to the podcast here: https://youtu.be/FrAId5X8quQ